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You car's been nicked

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Had to do a big shop so drove to s/market. Got home 15 mins later and as I was unloading got something like this on the InControl app on phone:
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Didn't think too much about it as I just thought it's a glitch and will sort itself out soon. It didn't. The app showed that I was at home but that the car was still at the supermarket. So I called the number and confirmed that I was standing next to the car. They said they'd reset the app but they didn't have an answer as to possible cause.

Impressed with the system - even though it was incorrect. Better safe than sorry, I suppose.
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They’ve contacted me twice to tell me the alarm had been activated, in both instances my dash cam had fallen off the screen. Works well for me.
Yeah I’ve had the same with the I-PACE.

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Oh, I'm feeling left out then. Don't have tracker on mine though, other than the standard GPS.
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