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Hope this is allowed, I have no interest in selling something here and no connection, Just pointing out a genuine offer.

This, as it turns out is actually genuine, I cant be bothered with anything to do with Black Friday and all that crap and would normally delete anything with any mention of it.
However, my unit is just over 12 months old and I was anyway thinking about paying for the next 12 months of updates @ $150

Just today, I received an invite to renew at "up-to" 40% off. Now that is pretty meaningless and one has to actually log on to the site to see what you are actually offered.
In my case a third off in the form of a $50 coupon.
It is valid for 10 days so get your skates on if you have an expired Autel subscription and are offered a deal.

Worth having so worth telling you about.

Thats it..

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I too received this email today but have not read it closely. The last time I looked, the "update renewal" was £128.00 for 12 months which I thought was a bit pricey. However, with a 40% reduction I may well consider it.
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