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Seats upgrade - x250 8way to 18way

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Hello and very good evening. I have read through various posts but maybe I'm just special and can't find the answer. I have 2013 xf - premium luxury so the seats are heated and 8way adjustable with memory...I have bought 18 way adjustable seats with heating and cooling from a 2014 donor car. So both are are facelift...would I still need the new seat module or will the current one handle the heating and cooling once enabled via CCF ?

I have full SDD access so from software I'm all prepared but I wonder would i need more hardware or the one that's is currently there should cover heating and cooling ?
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Leave the seat assemblies complete (as I assume they are). Just check the wiring from the car matches the wiring from the receiving connectors on the seats. Apart from that, it's just coding.

Good luck!
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Ok, seats are in , electrics working fine. My SDD was downloading plenty of updates as I haven't used it for a just wanted to find out if correct option on CCF is easy to figure out or would there be 15 for example to chose from ?

As I was still not able to connect to car with SDD...after most recent windows update and edge being a default browser not supporting active X controls that are needed for ccf coding it took me a whole day to get It running and can't generate more passwords for engineering mode on vehcom until tomorrow, as i have used my daily allowance to discover that problem with edge browser...I have been reading and just wondering is ccf change the only part that is left for me ?

In this post

SCME module is fitted in the post above...I don't see it in my CAN network so I'm assuming it's not there...the cables in car were a perfect match to the plugs in seats and electrics + memory works fine. Just not heating which currently is available from climate screen as it was already there and obviously the cooling is not enabled yet.

Also do I need to program the Driver Seat Module which is reporting fine in CAN network but it has donor car VIN number recorded in its memory...

Or is that module only needed on pre-facelift model ?
Thank you and sorry for the long post :)
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Ok , so it looks like I will need the climate module aka SCME as enabling cooling/heated seats via CCF brought the setting on screen but there is no life in the seats...and where the module should be there is a "blank" plate with cables going into it. Ive seen those modules on eBay 8X23-14B663 with various last two letters - AG, AJ, AB and other variations...which should I pick...or does it really make a difference ?
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Those last 2 letters are just build/batch id, so makes no difference, if there's later firmware sdd should tell you.
Those last 2 letters are just build/batch id, so makes no difference, if there's later firmware sdd should tell you.
Would you know if AW83 modules will work as well...they are from XJ...look the same...
Would you know if AW83 modules will work as well...they are from XJ...look the same...
Sorry I don't know.
Would you know if AW83 modules will work as well...they are from XJ...look the same...
If you check the last two letters, the one before last define the hardware version and the last one defines the software version. Different hardware version is the tricky bit. The last one doesn’t matter. AW83 means the part is for a xj X351 pre facelift manufactured in 2013. It should be compatible with a XF up to 2015.
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Ok, so after fitting everything and Michael enabling all the correct settings for me it doesn't really work...there are also fuses involved....I looked at manual, looked at my cjb and it doesn't really make sense...I have completely different set of fuses in my CJB...can someone be so kind and tell me where to put those fuses ?
The manual shows 8 20Amp fuses....but i have only 2...maybe someone who has heated and ventilated seats could take a photo of their Central Junction Box in the driver's footwell ? I've added photo of mine and list of fuses...but again it doesn't make any sense...
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Hi dekiello,

Mine is pre facelift x250. When I bought it neither front seat climate worked. It turned out to be a burnt ground wire at the module. Anyway I remember the fuses didn't line up with the diagram I had either, but the owners manual was correct.

F25 is drivers seat climate and F27 is pax seat climate. I dont know if your facelift is the same. F25 is the bottom RH yellow 20amp and F27 is the 3rd from bottom RH yellow 20amp.

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Another picture here....

I'm guessing both of the photos are from a pre-facelifts...mine is a 2013 facelift version.

What is actually kind of weird is that the manual only shows fuses up to fuse number 30, yet there are fuses in slots all the way to 36...and 27 and 29 are for the climate seats...and they are there...anyone has any idea what to check next ?

I understand that there might be some problems with peltier element but then at least the fans should start...but nothing happens. I went through that and it was actually Michael (author of that post) who set the ccf file for me and all the wiring in my car was already in place...I just needed the cooling/heating module...hmm I'll have to dig deeper than that as currently theoretically everything is in place...sdd detects the SCME module now , all the fuses are in place and are good...yet it doesn't work...
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