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Hi Jag enthusiasts, so trying to fit 18+way to XF Luxury, 2012MY with only heated 8way seats from factory.

So far, installed the seats BUT there are 2 problems:

Problem 1. The Seats were taken from a car ( that was disassembled in real time & so it registered all those Errors into Seats modules. Now everytime when starting the car, all the systems come FAULT: ABS, DSC, Pedestrian, Transmission etc. ).

As first thoughts, the seats have old VIN in them registered, while my car configuration has previous software number for Driver Seat Module (DSM) & PSM so I must overwrite the car config to SEE & RECOGNIZE new seats module & reprogram them under my VIN, right ? But how exactly ?

1. Configure New Module - Passenger Seat ?
2. or enterring Engineering mode in CCF but which option more exactly because there are many ?

View attachment 195189

View attachment 195191

View attachment 195192

View attachment 195193

How to be sure which option is the right option for my car ? Is there an SDD manual with all these options explained ? Or only in the factory Castle Bromwich?

Problem 2: Seats move in fragmented with multiple button presses inch kind of mode - not continuously & smooth on 1 button press.

What I tried in the meantime:

(tried Diagnostics/ Seats move in inch mode & intermitent operation but after Configure Current Module it said "No available software parts for this module" - because it sees my old hardware & software for old seats:

View attachment 195194

instead of whats on the new seats module:
View attachment 195195

Please help,
Did anyone reprogram a module that had errors in it from previous VIN car donor ?
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