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2014 XF 2.2D Premium Luxury, Odyssey Red, Superchipped.
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Hi All, so the other day I noticed a stream of water running down the drive. At first I thought it was from the aircon, but it was still there some time later. I found it dripping from the bottom of the OSF wing, with it being watery and not oily, I thought it had to be screenwash.

I bought a used bottle with the pumps and a lot of hose from the auction site for £16, and set about fixing it.

I thought I'd document it for the benefit of others, as I've not submitted anything helpful to the forum yet.

So after removing the wheel, I removed the three plastic rivets holding the left hand side of the wheel arch liner in place:

Sports equipment Hood Asphalt Wheel Automotive tire

There's also one smack bang in front of you. Next undo the two 10mm bolts hiding underneath:

Hood Bumper Automotive exterior Automotive tire Tints and shades

Hood Automotive lighting Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive design

Wrestle the left hand side of the liner from the wing, pausing briefly to admire your newly-scuffed knuckles.

The liner can be pushed aside so you can get access to the screenwash bottle:

Fixture Automotive exterior Bumper Hood Gas

I took the opportunity to remove a thin coating of dust which had accumulated in the sill:

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Bumper Rim Automotive exterior

It looked like the pump seal had failed, so I prised out the seal which came with the ebay bottle and cleaned it up:

Tire Automotive tire Wheel Tread Road surface

Next came removing the old seal and replacing it with "new":

Automotive tire Bumper Gas Machine tool Nut

I pushed the pump home, filled the bottle and kept an eye out for leaks for 15 minutes whilst I cleaned up the old seal and searched for signs of failure, and found none. It looked perfect.

As Haynes love to say, reassembly is a reversal of the removal procedure.

The liner is also held in place by being hooked behind a metal clip. I found it difficult to get out and verging on impossible to get back in, so violence and screwdrivers was needed.

I'm not sure if this "guide" will be useful to anyone; a how-to of how to repair something with no apparent damage. Respect has to be paid to the guys who film this stuff for YouTube.

If nothing else, doing this got me out of the house and gave me time to listen to Tom Robinson standing in for Marc Riley from last Thursday on 6 Music. A thoroughly pleasant way of spending some time on a free Bank Holiday.

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