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2014 XF 2.2D Premium Luxury, Odyssey Red, Superchipped.
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Hi All, driving to work the other day I could hear a tinny rattle coming from the offside. I had a prod about when I got to work and noticed the lower ball joint heat shield was loose.

I had a look today and could see one of the rivets had failed.

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Vehicle brake Gas Rim

I suspect I broke it when I was cleaning the barrels of the wheel with a microfibre brush. Yeah, I know. Jaguar OCD.

I knocked the remnants of the rivet out with a punch and this is what was left of it.

Wheel Automotive tire Rim Motor vehicle Automotive wheel system

After a rummage about in the garage, I found an M6 bolt and nyloc nut, and cut the bolt down leaving about an inch of thread. Getting the nut on the back of the bolt was entertaining. It's quite deeply recessed but I eventually managed it.

Wheel Automotive tire Green Tire Motor vehicle

The other rivet seemed fine, so I left it. I've ordered some stainless nuts and bolts which I think will better suit the environment and will drill out the other rivet and fit them when they arrive.

Wheel Locking hubs Automotive tire Tire Vehicle brake

I put everything back together and was pleased to see how the cheapo eBay caliper paint has held up, since giving them a lick back in the summer.

I also used the opportunity to check the pad and disc thickness. There's plenty of meat on the pads, but I'm only 1mm away from needing new discs. I don't do a lot of miles, so that will be a nice job in the summer once I've picked a brand. I'm thinking EBC Greenstuff, as I no longer drive like I used to when I was younger.

I hope this was useful to someone.


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