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Intercooler oil leak

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I have a diesel 2.0 XF 2016. The car has 143,000 kms on it. Prior to my buying it the car was used as a chauffeur wedding car and business hire car. Now it is only used twice a week as my show off, bucket list car. In the two years I have owned it the car has only done about 10,000kms. I had it serviced yesterday by a non-dealer type auto repair shop and they reported an oil leak at the intercooler pipe. I didn't get to talk to the mechanic but they apparently weren't too concerned with the leak as it wasn't repaired and they didn't contact me about it. The office worker at the shop said there was nothing that needed urgent repair. I have my other car serviced there and they're usually pretty good if something needs doing.

With my own inspection I can see a tiny little bit of oil around the top of the pipe in the photo. It doesn't appear to be from a hole in the pipe but looks more like a poor seal from the clip. I guess that's part of the intercooler pipe but I am 74 years old and my eyesight isn't too good and this is my first diesel car so I am a bit lost identifying parts.

I was wondering if anybody here could advise me what the likely cause of the leak is and what should I do. There isn't any dealer and the nearest one is about 600kms away in Rockhampton, North Queensland.

As always I am grateful for any help.


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Pretty normal with that engine. I've got my third XF in a row now (MY2018), with very little mileage, and it shows it too. I had the o-rings replaced, but it did not help much.

There's nothing to worry about.
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Well, I find your reply re-assuring since this is a champagne car and I am running it on my beer budget.
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Hi sparker I’ve got exactly the same, as has been said there‘s a JLR TB about this which replaces the o rings and clip, it‘s on my list to do, but need to research whether I can get the wire clip on again without any special tools
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Hello Gav, Thanks. I will follow any posts you make on your work with this problem.
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