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In such a fool - at fault accident

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Hi all,

Long story short, my beloved 2009 jaguar XF only a week after a new 12 month advisory free MOT has been in an accident, one entirely my own fault. I reversed off my drive on a hurry and hit another cars rear passenger door. I'm a tool. I've admitted fault etc and reported to insurance and I'm awaiting the body shop calling. My worry is that they may want to write the car off, it's the passenger side rear bumper with tiny bit of damage to rear light and rear panel. I really don't want it to be written off I want it repaired as I love the car and intend keeping it as long as I can. I've attached some pics, what do you think?
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Thank you. First thing like this in 17 years of driving, my policy cost will increase for a while and a nice big excess to pay but as you say mistakes happen. I was worried they might try and write it off as the damage is to the bumper, light and slightly the rear panel and the car is 13 years old...
Shouldn't be a write off. New rear lamp assembly and a bit of paint, the bumper doesn't look damaged at all, that'll be removed for the bodywork repair and refitted. You should be able to just clip the bumper back on for now, align it and push. The rear lamp lenses may not 100 match after repair due to the new one compared to the old one. If so, I'd think a headlamp polishing kit used on the old one should make a difference. Things happen, such is life, this is why we pay for comprehensive insurance. Don't be hard on yourself.
Thank you I appreciate it
If they write it off its not the end of the world, you get the offer to buy it back as salvage, they tell you the salvage price (which will be literally peanuts) then pay you the rest of the value of the car In almost all cases you are quids in even after then paying to repair the issues, Shopping wisely (second-hand market) and repairing rather than replacing where you can and you will have your car pristine and a fair chunk of cash over. If your paying someone to do the job the quote will be a lot less than they quote if its an insurance job and you can get a belter of a job and deal by using small paint shops/repairers.
Thank you, hopefully they will sort it but good to know if they decide not to! He said they would on the phone when I called but until it's seen by the body shop it's not definitely going to be repaired I'd imagine
That's a good idea. I have however already sent the pictures off to the insurance company, though I don't see that being a problem.
It'll only be a write off if the repair costs are between 50 and 60% of it's retail value.
So I think I should be OK. I'm still waiting for the bodyshop to call
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