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I have a 2010 jag xf 3.0D
I have a issue where the gearbox fault light comes on it happend the middle of last year but turned car of and it went away until now it came on as I was driving I accelerated a little and it tried to drop a gear and the light came on had no drive I pulled over and after few moments it onli had 1st gear turned car of went away I had it plugged in and had about 25 codes on there had it wiped
Around 24hrs later it came back on in the same place as I was driving last time seemed to struggle down shifting I had driving the car around most of the day and was fine no problems
I had it plugged in again to see what codes and brought up
Got it cleared and had battery tested it was round about 11.7 11.8 when off and round 14.6 when on
The light hasn't since came on but I have been causus
I was driving and I D mode it was OK till when let of throttle the rev counter would drop to 0 then pick up when accelerated so put in sport mode and change to manual revs we're fine car changes fine
Can anyone suggest anything or have had similar experience
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