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EqualizerCSs 2017 (2018) caesium blue XF S 3.0 V6 Supercharged AWD

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This is my 2017 (2018) caesium blue XF S 3.0 V6 Supercharged AWD. I bought it beginning of 2021 with a very low mileage of 23.000 kilometers. This is my first british car, I owned 7 japanese and 1 swedish turbochard hatchbacks and saloons before. The most of them were modified and the Jag will it be as well, I also started with it.


Air filters: BMC panel air filters


Lug nuts: Black Growler (Genuine)
Mirror caps: Gloss Black
Styling kit: Black pack (Genuine)
Turning signals mirrors: Black tinted
Turning signals taillights: Black tinted


Tail pipes: Handcrafted carbon fiber


Coil springs: KW Suspension
Lowering: 45 mm front and rear (I guess it settled down at 50 mm)

Summer Wheels:

Modell: Jaguar Venom
Size: 8,5x20 ET49
Colour: Black
Valve stem caps: Growler (Genuine)
Wheel caps: Black Growler (Genuine)

Winter Wheels:

Modell: Jaguar Matrix
Size: 8,5x20 ET49
Colour: Highland Bronze (Powdercoated)
Valve stem caps: Union Jack (Genuine)
Wheel Caps: Red Growler (Genuine)

Pictures of the car:

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Sky

Wheel Tire Vehicle Sky Car

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Window

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive tire

Pictures of the lowering springs:

Fluid Rectangle Packing materials Font Packaging and labeling

Shelf Tire Automotive tire Automotive lighting Automotive design

Automotive tire Tire Tread Wood Gas

Automotive tire Hood Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive fuel system

Vehicle Car Grille Automotive lighting Automotive tire

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Land vehicle
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Pictures of the air filters:

Wood Rectangle Hardwood Flooring Mesh

Motor vehicle Vehicle Hood Car Automotive battery

Hood Automotive design Motor vehicle Auto part Vehicle

Pictures of the Matrix wheels before and after:

Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Motor vehicle

Wheel Tire Automotive tire Tread Alloy wheel

Wheel Automotive tire Tread Hubcap Wood

Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive tire Tread

Pictures of the upcoming parts:

H&R 18 mm (36 mm) spacers at both axles:

Couch Chair Rectangle Wood Pillow

Genuine wind deflectors:

Bicycle part Bumper Automotive tire Wood Rim
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Today my powdercoated 20" Matrix rims got installed together with a set of the new available Firestone Firehawk Sport tyres. I am happy with the result and especially colour combination 👍🏻 The tyres are grippy and the rolling noise is really quite so far. Next months two sets of H&R 18 mm (36 mm) spacers will follow to fill-up the arches.

Without direct sunlight

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Window

With direct sunlight

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Cloud
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You seem to be enjoying your Jaguar very much.
Great looking XF and with those sort of upgrades a trip to the Nurburgring beckons, surely? We'd love to see the accompanying video.
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