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Just the rear off side door


Give it time....
That was only the aquarium door cards for tropical climes.. ;)
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That was only the aquarium door cards for tropical climes.. ;)
They could have fitted an anti-splosh baffle in the doors, as per the x250 fuel tank.
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Your 2017 XF is an X260 model, so you're looking in the wrong section.
Download the Workshop manual I posted up in the X260 section. It will help you decode this.

Looks like it's pointing to two faulty headlamp units. The workshop manual lists the codes but has two extra numbers which further point to the actual issue.
Mostly they refer to lack of power, short or open circuit.

Obvious one, have you checked the wiring plugs are connected to the headlights?
Check the wiring to make sure it isn't kinked, caught or nipped somewhere around the front of the car.

Advice in the manual is to clear the codes and see if they come back

The X260 uses normal bulbs in the indicators, it would be worth removing them to see if anything changes. 'Normal' bulbs can go open circuit or short circuit if they go faulty.

Here is a selection of options for one of your codes. You can see the extra number on the code I mentioned

It could be a dud battery though. Did your Auto spark test it for you?

View attachment 189070
Nor sure if he checked battery I put muliti meter on it in morning thanks
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