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Jaguar AJ16 Engine Exhaust Manifolds in 304 Stainless Steel
The Aj16 has always had an issue with cracking occurring in the cast iron manifolds. You can weld them up or find used ones without cracks but at some point, they all crack – and no one is making new ones. These stainless steel, branched manifolds solve that problem, flow better, and give your car’s engine bay a more sporting cosmetic appearance.
The system does not have Catalytic units as found on the old downpipe, however as most realise on UK cars at least there are no pre cat sensors so the deletion of the cats makes no difference to the running of the engine, with the prototypes having run for thousands of miles with no issues.
(Foreign buyers should check with their emission laws to determine if they are compliant in deleting the cats)

Disassembly and Reassembly

Overall, the disassembly and installation is quite straightforward; Remove lambda sensors and EGR piping if fitted. Remove your old manifolds and down pipe. Lambda and EGR piping connections with bungs, are built into our pipes but OEM EGR piping will need modifying for refit

The down pipe outlet of the supplied assembly is a straight slip clamp joint, which will fit an exhaust system with the same type joint.

Cars with olive joints can be installed two ways. Cut off 150mm of the olive joint pipe end from the old OEM downpipe, and weld or clamp to the end of the new downpipe. Alternatively if you wish to keep your old downpipe, one side of a new olive joint clamp is fitted on the tail of the new down pipe, and the tail of the new downpipe is flared to suit. This then connects to the other half of the olive joint on the remaining exhaust system.

When attaching the manifolds to the head use new gaskets (not supplied) we recommend using new manifold stud nuts and ensure studs are tightened in accordance with jaguar torque specifications

The system comes supplied with connection clamps for pipe-to-pipe joints that are sufficient to do their job. However, they will need checking from time to time, and tightened as required while the system beds in. Other forms of connector may be used or the pipe to pipe connection may tack welded for extra security

Do not fully tighten pipe-to-pipe clamp joints until the new system is comfortably in position. We recommend using a smear of exhaust jointing paste on pipe-to-pipe joints
Pipe to pipe connection lengths are slightly longer than necessary to afford trimming down in order to achieve a perfect fit, as no two installations will be identical to the millimetre.
We will always answer any technical questions to help you with the installation but some skill is required for a good install.

Use a competent installer if you are uncertain or not sufficiently skilled and equipped to do the work.

Price includes UK postage with additional postage for international orders to be determined case by case. We will endeavour to get orders shipped on Friday of each week, and work with you to ensure you get the best price delivered no matter where you are

AJ16 exhaust manifolds in 304 stainless steel to suit all X300 jaguars in left or right hand drive, and with additional small modification, potentially fit cars Like the XJS 4.0l
The next batch we make will include versions for the AJ6 engine, which has a different main flange design and bolt pattern. If you need this version, please get in touch so that we can determine manufacturing quantity as each batch takes three months to produce

David Austin

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Contact for further information - [email protected]
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Only the six cylinder I-Pace, not the four cylinder! :p Phil
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They look shiny, but in my experience stainless steel is far more prone to cracking with heat/cool cycles than any other material.
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They look shiny, but in my experience stainless steel is far more prone to cracking with heat/cool cycles than any other material.
we have run a set for several thousand miles with no cracks....cast iron will crack sooner or later
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