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ACC retrofit.

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I would like to retrofit AAC to my MY2017 X260.

From what I found I will need:

  • Radar unit
  • Radar mounting bracket
  • Grill for cars with ACC
  • Steering wheel right button panel with distance buttons.
  • CCF modification
Someone mentioned a different ABS unit, but my car is equipped with AEB, so it can brake automatically already (?)...

Am I missing something?
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One short question for my Timeplan...
How long does it take to change the abs module?
I have support from 2 mechanics and their tools.

2 hours? Or longer?
Not done it myself but I would have thought 2 hours will be enough.
as your changing the brake fluid I’d suggest using SDD to drain all fluid out (standard DOT 4) so that when you take the abs module off there‘s less chance of spilling brake fluid onto your paintwork, but have plenty of water /rags handy in case you do so you can immediately wash off. As for capacity imagine I can’t imagine it’ll be more than 2L but the capacity should be online in jaguar manual.
Buy a 5 litre can, it'll be cheaper than 3x 1 litre I'd expect.
As above, you don’t need anything more than regular DOT4 fluid.

Any other fluid would require a complete clean of all the brake fluid system, which is a decently big job in itself.

I’d budget 2 hours for a professional. Your system is reasonably new so should come apart easily.
Just make sure that the pipe locations match on the new ABS module. Having to relocate pipe work will add to the swap time and material costs.
1. Step is done:
ACC Radar, Grill and new (horrible expensive) Bagde are installed.

Change ABS Modul and CCF edit will be done in 2 weeks.
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Ok, i have a huge Problem…
I am in contact with Onotole to do my CCF changes.
But he says, that I need urgently an activated JLR SSD without any patch installed.
Otherwise the ABS module can’t be flashed properly.

1, So, can anyone help me to get an activation for SDD?
2, how did the other guys here flash their ABS module? Did you have an activated SDD or did you use the patched version?
one more short question.
With my patch i see this surface.
Rectangle Font Parallel Screenshot Slope

What i need is this correct version with the "OEM" button.
Do you have this button with your patched SDD Versions? I had this button with my 1 year SDD license a while ago. Unfortunately i dont have this license any more ;(
Rectangle Azure Font Screenshot Parallel
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my story of suffering continues.
i still havent found a matching SDD version.

A short info from Onotole:
Without the "green (or grey) OEM Button", JLR SDD is only activated to max. 140 Version. All Versions above have that green or grey button.
So only when the button is shown, 140 and above is activated.
In my case I have to get a Patch/Crack/ official version which has the OEM Button because it is neccessary to have a high SDD Version to reflash the ABS Module.

I have 4 days left to the installation of my ABS module. So i urgently need a functional SDD :cry:
I got a fully functional SDD Offline Account with an OEM Button ;)

I am in contact with many people how offer a SDD account and tried many versions. But almost all, except the last one, could only offer an add without the OEM button (before version140).
So, if someone needs a fully functional 164 SDD, please write me a PM. I will give you the contacts.

So everything should be prepared for the weekend and the big retrofit day can begin.
I will report whether everything went well.

Computer Personal computer Font Display device Screenshot
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🥁🥁 Drum roll 🥁🥁

Teaser: my ACC is WORKING!!!🤗🥳

a little writeup:

all my needed parts (i forgot the steering switch on that picture ;) )

Automotive lighting Bumper Bag Grille Automotive exterior

ABS Module HX7314F447BF
Frontgrill HK83018K28AA
Jaguar Badge FW9316B856BB
ACC Sensor GX739G768AD
ACC Bracket HK839E729AD
Steering switch GX7313D767CD

I had to repaint my frontbuzmper a few weeks ago, so i used this chance to change the grill and install the ACC Radar behind the grill.
The wrap of the bumper will be done in 2 weeks (hopefully)
Vehicle Tire Grille Car Hood

The installation of the ABS module is a very shit work. We need to dissasamble many parts of the front.
Tire Wheel Motor vehicle Automotive tire Synthetic rubber

Here is the bad guy how doesnt allow ACC. So lets start to get him out...
Hood Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Auto part Automotive tire

The screws of the brakelines are hardly reachable. My friend is very creative to build new tools, so he crafted this one ;)
now the 4 screws could be opened easily.
Hood Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Vehicle Air gun

a little strengthening
Food Tableware Table Ingredient Cuisine

The change of the abs module is ok, as soon as the brakelines are gone.
Then pull it out and get the new one in.

We also changed the steeringswitch on the right side of the steering.
First remove the airbag, then the whole chromeelement with the two switches. The switches are bolted on the backside of the chromeelement
Hand Vehicle Car Plant Steering part

After installing all the hardware parts, i did a Teamviewer session with onotole.
I connected my notebook with the VCI to the car and let onotole do the magic.
1 hour later, all the error messages in the gauge are gone and the new ACC module is ready to drive. (Still without ACC becaus i forgot to install the b+ wire)

In the F-Pace, the wiring for the ACC Sensor in the frontend is preinstalled. But we had to connect an extra wire (extended ignition) to a connector in the drivers footwell.
Pin 4 (black wire) has to connected to Pin11 (blue/green) of the green connector on the left a pillar.

Circuit component Electronic engineering Electronic component Electrical wiring Computer hardware

Electrical wiring Electric blue Bag Wire Personal protective equipment



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here is my test setup for the wiring:
Car Vehicle Automotive side-view mirror Automotive tire Motor vehicle

Due it worked, i did hide the cable behind the dashboard and get all parts fitted together.

And then the final drive to test the ACC.
It's working!!!
Vehicle Speedometer Car Steering wheel Plant
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Kudos! An upgrade not many would take on. Thanks for posting.
Nicely done Tom, quite the achievement by you all!
Hi all, new to forum

I recently bought a XF30d ( X260 model production 2018) , my ABS pump is HK83-14F447-CF with big 'C' stamp on it, so I assume I don't have to update my ABS pump in order to get ACC working ?

White Motor vehicle Light Black Automotive tire
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