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The manual says:
If the vehicle AEB detects an imminent risk of collision with a vehicle travelling in front, it automatically applies the brakes .

I think it is the EMERGENCY BRAKE ASSIST (EBA) wchich preload a pressure vessel.

It is quite hard to find 2016-> XF with Active Cruise Control... Or it is my impression only ?
Any car coming with ACC from factory has it. If you’re interested I can share part number for ACC abs modules.
I also found this in workshop manual. HCU is ABS module.
Electronic Brake Prefill (all diesel and V6 petrol vehicles and all other vehicles with ACC)
Electronic brake prefill (Bosch ESP®plus8.1), senses any rapid throttle lift off, activating a small brake hydraulic pressure build-up of approximately 3 to 5 bar (43.5 to 72.5 lbf/in2) in anticipation of the brakes being applied.
This application produces a quicker brake pedal response and consequently slightly shorter stopping distances. The system supports vehicles with ACC (adaptive cruise control).
When the ABS module detects rapid throttle lift off (from the signals received from the ECM over the high speed CAN bus), it controls the HCU to apply a low brake pressure to assist in a quicker brake application.
1 - 5 of 112 Posts