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2013 Sportbrake CJB - time to panic?

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Hi guys. Although the car is displaying no odd behaviour, I took a precautionary look at the blue connector block on the CJB just now, and observed the following...



There is a verdigris-looking deposit ?? on and around the lower pins, but the pins themselves are not tarnished.

Available options:
1. It's time to panic;
2. I've caught it in time and it can be saved; Or
3. That looks normal. Stop panicking.

What do you think?
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OK, so the job is now complete. New pump in situ, washers work all round, liner replaced, everything back to normal.

I found a plug of potting compound (blu-tac might also suffice) saved the contents of the reservoir as I pulled out the old pump. I hosed out the whole wheel arch void and squeezed out as much water from that under-sill sponge (what's it there for anyway?). I also checked the + terminal, which was utterly spotless. That red cap is a [email protected] to shift, though!

Lastly, I ventured back into the murky depths of the CJB and hosed everything in a liberal coating of WD40, including the C7 connector inside and out. I will check again in 6 months to see if any residual moisture has seeped down the cable to the plug.



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Update to old thread alert:

The replacement pump has gone again!

Contrast the photo immediately above with the one below. Ouch!!

Hard to believe that's the same pump, or even the same wheelarch... :(
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I now check the pump every year as part of preventative maintenance. I had exactly the same experience as you with my replacement pump (genuine Jaguar) - it started leaking too. I had already put a break in the wiring, so hopefully should not suffer any contamination of the CJB even if the pump is leaking.

I have found that the screen washer pump filter seems to block quite easily with 'goo' from the washer fluid, so I also drain the washer bottle and clean the filter out every year. I don't mix and match washer fluids, so I don't really understand why the Jaguar seems so susceptible to this issue. I use the same Prestone washer fluid in our other cars and it's fine.
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