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Hi there from New Zealand.
My name is Graeme and I've been on several forums to try and resolve my Sat Nav/Maps issue, all to no avail so far.
I'm hoping someone out there can help.
"08292" are you out there?
The Stig has suggested you might be able to help.

The story so far: I've got an ex Singapore 2012 XF 2.2D. Nice motor, very pleased with it by the way!

It's got the Singapore/Malaysia maps loaded so I got a New Zealand maps disc from
It's a AU22/NZ11 official disc by TomTom/JAguar [as I understand it].

The instructions say the disc will load and install automatically, however I get the message "The software on the disc is older than the current software"
So no automatic install unfortunately.

It's a Denso system and I've attached various pics from the screens which might be useful.

I've been into the hidden menus and found the Loading option but it's not selectable like it was on some of the Youtube links I've seen - it's light-blued as opposed to dark blue.

Is there a way to force load the disc? Any hack or trick to it?

Any/all suggestions welcomed.

Kind Regards

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