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For both my previous car of circa 5 years, and the current XFR of circa 5 months, I have kept an ongoing thread of car related updates over on Detailing World. I thought that I would copy over the information from DW onto here, and I can update both as and when there are updates. Sometimes the updates will be minor and some are more chunky, however I enjoy keeping the records and sharing them.

With that in mind, I am going to stat copying the information across, apologies if some of the information in the updates doesn't make sense, I have likely added response to questions in the updates. Once all of the information is across and I update them both at the same (or a similar) time, I can make each update appropriate for the audience. I will consolidate some of the updates in favour of neatness.

Apologies if this is not the sort of content favoured, this also seemed like the most appropriate sub-section of the forum to host the thread.

So, I still have the 330, but it will be listed for sale imminently, due to my new purchase. If you haven’t gathered from the title, then shame on you

Been looking to replace the car for a long time and always changing my mind about the car that would take its place. Finally decided on a pre facelift XFR, I prefer the look of them to the facelift, not sure why...Bonus is they’re typically cheaper

I wanted a high spec model, which was more of a focus that condition (obviously condition was a factor, didn’t want a dog, but much easier to rectify condition that spec typically and cheaper)...

After a couple of weeks of searching (and missing out on one a few miles away) I found a listing for one on Auto Trader that had all of the spec I wanted, and more! It was very well priced, it had a few cosmetic shortcomings, but nothing woeful, only downside was that it was in Sheffield. That’s a long way from home

Made a couple of phone calls to the dealer to check a few things, very helpful and pleasant, decided to book a train and go up to view it:

Checked the car over and transferred the funds, was then an XFR owner! Filled the car up with fuel and headed down to Peterborough to my friends house so we could look it over and start compiling a plan of action, or at least somewhat of a plan!

The car has been owned from new by 1 person, it has full JLR dealer service history, however it seems the person concerned didn’t retain the invoices

I will try and obtain the details of the owner (for the second key, any other documentation and also to return items that they left in the car). I will also try and contact JLR for records of works completed as their online service history tracker doesn’t bear any results
failing that I’ll contact each dealer noted in the history individually...

Before that though, took it on a drive on some rural roads and got the first photo opportunity:

As you can see, nice enough looking car, just needs some TLC and love, but I didn’t want a car that required some work because otherwise I’d be bored

Whilst looking it over, one of the rear shelf speakers had failed, panic stations as the car has the bower and Wilkins setup and thought here the first premium price comes... panic avoided as the speaker was readily available on eBay and very cheaply at that!

My friend being the audio person of the duo decided to access the speaker to confirm part number (before we ordered and disconnect it to stop the noise (it was ghastly).

Here are the many stages of getting there: (although forums say 40 minutes, but took him about half that to disconnect and reassemble:

Trying to pry grille (don’t do this, it’s wrong! He didn’t break it though)

Seat belt clip off:

Further disassembly of many things:

Taking advantage of the big boot:

Et voila:

Got the part number:

Unplugged for now, and then reassembled... easy enough for him to do again

Then he noticed that the rear vents were not sitting correctly in their cover, they’d sunken inward (although his hands are there we hadn’t touched anything yet:

Removed the trim:

Re seated and reassembled:

One of the things that I noticed was the need for some rear pads, although the discs have evidently been changed, took a visit to brembo site to find the correct fitment:

Ordered the pads...

I then journeyed home, enjoyed the car, compiled information etc.

Skip ahead to today, after I did life things (yawn), I went to go and get the car aligned, it desperately needed it! One of the wheels was so far out that it didn’t read on the gauge...

Whilst it was there I checked the underside for any nasties and took the height change opportunity to picture some cosmetic issues that I need to address...

Below are all of the pictures of the underside I took, no damage to report of, some replaced parts and some requirement for some aesthetic improvements...

Here are the cosmetics I noticed there:


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I am having issues copying across the images for some reason, worked fine in the original post... Even going into the advanced reply won't change that it just copies across a large gap in text as opposed to the image, without changing anything I did for the first post. Even if it requires me manually adding the pictures I will get the thread displaying, however it will obviously take me a significant amount of time to get it sorted.

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Great start Jordan.

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Another Obsessive Complusuve Detailer with as many pics and attention to detail as Chris, lol.

Looking forward to your future posts Jordan.

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Good write up, I enjoyed reading and seeing what you've done so far.

So much so, I'm tempted to give my car a good clean tomorrow..... Weather permitting.... 😬

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Enjoyed that and looking forward to more. Got to say it already looks pretty good but I can see why you might wish to further enhance it. Great that you will be documenting the cars transition to "pride and joy" status.

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Hi Jordan.

Nice car. Is it a Le Mans special edition? I mention that as it has the Le Mans style chrome bonnet vents.

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Thanks all, got a fair chunk to add from the above, once I work it all out. The car gets a lot less attention in the colder months, predominantly it is just keeping it relatively clean with a focus on removing road salts.

Been out there this morning giving it some winter prep for a few hours

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Hi Jordan.

Nice car. Is it a Le Mans special edition? I mention that as it has the Le Mans style chrome bonnet vents.
I had no idea such an edition existed, it wasn’t listed as being one when I bought it, but it was a “normal” used car dealership as opposed to a JLR one.

Is there anyway to check to see if it is indeed one, that you’re aware of?

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Good write up, I enjoyed reading and seeing what you've done so far.

So much so, I'm tempted to give my car a good clean tomorrow..... Weather permitting.... 😬
Did you manage it? I did this morning as the weather was quite pleasant today.

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The bumpers aren’t pictured, but they need repairing, I’m contemplating buying a pair of bare bumpers and having them painted...

When I returned home I had a parcel, it was one of those signal blocking things, to stop the key being scanned and car started...

Decided to make a start on some of the smaller pieces to do, starting with the rusty locking wheel nuts:

Wire brushed, sanded down and then etch primed:

Painted silver:


Then to start with a gritty engine bay:

The trim pieces and seals have many many many clips , a couple of which were broken, many of which had not been reassembled correctly;

As you can see from the above there were many things wrong, but I corrected them and it’s much better now... located all of the missing clips on eBay to replace them.

Cracked on with cleaning the bay:

Then treated the plastics:

Then cleaned the metal part:

The tailpipes are in very poor cosmetic shape...

Used a pick to remove the tar between the 2 pipes:

Started with the wire will and the metal polish:

As you can see there’s a marked improvement, however there’s still a lot to do with them. That took about half an hour and I was bored senseless! I will continue to improve them over time, any tips appreciated :wall:

Here’s a copy of the build sheet:

As with other project threads I have, I will update as and when I have something worth updating...

There are many things I have planned to do to the car, some of which are more urgent than others and some more involved tasks...

All seems well so far :thumb:

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Contacted Jaguar UK about history, they’ve got no record... So I started contacting all of the dealers who’ve stamped the book... noticed that the handover address and first service address were the factory... how odd!

The dealer that last had the car, in April of this year, have no record of it being there, either against the reg or the vin...

Annoying, but such is life! Went through the boot and found a multitude of receipts and things, nothing to give me info on the owner specifically.

Sent of a V888 form, as there’s a few things to send to the previous owner that I’ve found in the car:

Checked the oil after some ‘new car excitement’ driving, went to pick up some oil and rear pads as I’ll be doing them Friday afternoon:

Can see the chain and a pipe:

Here’s an example of the ‘theatre lighting ‘ option:

Here’s a new rear pad, look rather thin for a performance car, but I’ve never had one so not sure:

Replacement boot seal arrived, featuring that awful white paint pen writing all breakers use :wall:

Here’s why I needed a replacement:

Removed the boot trim:

Pulled off the failed seal:

Cleaned the seal up whilst it was off:

Here it is fitted:

Then treated the rubber:

That’s all I managed on the jag tonight...

I did also take the private plate off the bmw and is now on retention ready for tomorrow... I took the last few pictures for BMW sale and will list it shortly.

I’ve got a fair whack of parcels due this week, will hopefully make some good progress on sorting some of the smaller issues. The bodywork and wheels will likely be done after winter

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Did some more to the car today, trying to do little bits at a rate so the car becomes a very nice place to be and then leave only things that aren’t immediate or annoying...

Any easy wins I’ll take, so cane home to a bundle of parcels:

Cracked on with fitting the clips that were missing from the engine bay I noticed when cleaning it:

Doesn’t really do much, but it’s nice to finish it off, and obviously the engine bay needs more work, but it was a good starting point I got to.

Took out the spare wheel tray thing with the sub in it:

To get to this mess:

Cleaned it out and cleaned up the boot floor pan and the spare wheel:

Then put it all back, didn’t picture this :wall:

I don’t like the rear badges on the car, especially the R badge:

Started removing them:

‘Ghosting’ left after removing the residue:

After a quick polish:

Put in the new nav disc:

but couldn’t get past this screen

Looked it up and some people suffered this when they’ve had battery issues, after about 5 minutes playing about I was presented with this:

Looks like that’s being added to the list...

Next up was the driver door seal, evidently in dire need of replacement:

Removed the Jaguar trim plate:

Then fitted the seal:

Then treated the rubber (and all other door seals on both body and door) got some better pictures of the product:

Fitted the trim plate once again:

Last job for the day was a ghastly door rattle from drivers door...

Found this in the pocket, removed it as it may have contributed:

Still had to remove the card to deal with what was the main culprit, took of the well hidden caps by the pull handle/armrest:

Revealing these bolts:

Then removed the standard screw behind the door handle:

Then on the edge of the door is the last well hidden bolt, behind this cover:

Covering this bolt:

All removed:

Unhooked cables and lock cable, door card pulled off... this was so well fitted it hurt my fingers to remove!

Upon removal I noticed this wasn’t connected, could well have been the cause swinging around:

There’s a place for it to clip onto door card, but for closure I wanted to check everything, which means removing this speaker panel piece:

Electric screw driver was a wondrous buy, easy life is the best life:

Lovely bit of degraded foam around the cables, wiggled them and they made a tapping noise... so this was my solution:

Note that’s only for one side, and the first tape, did that for both cables... but again I forgot to picture :wall:

Upon refitting I clipped that loose cable into place:

After that I took the car for a test drive...
Success! No rattling, less road noise now the seal actually seals! Was wonderful !

Here is a picture of the rear bench, the owner used this as a family car (heroic), but it has marked the rear bench!

Replacement has been ordered!

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Nav screen was functioning this mornin:

This is the old disc left in overnight, out the new one in when I pulled up at work, will check it later...

Also this was showing when I got to work :driver:

Updated nav working:


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Right, in order to try and keep up with the actual work being carried out, here is the update of work carried out during the week, I did more work on the car today, but that update can wait.

Setting up all of the logs and everything again has taken a lot longer than I thought...

Anyway, I digress, here is the update:

From factory, Bluetooth streaming for music wasn't an option for this, there are various inputs available, most of them from the armrest:

Ordered an iPod cable, there was one with the car but the connection was too bent to function... here is the new cable:

Bought a Bluetooth receiver for the iPod connection:

Connected the phone to it:

However this did not work, turns out there are quite a few variants of Bluetooth and in order to stream via one of these requires a certain type of connectivity. They're considerably more expensive.

Here's a picture of the theatre lighting that better shows the nice effect it has in the cabin:

Also set the headlight delay via the stalk (what a great touch):

Went to the garage to get the rear pads changed, as I am yet to source a diagnostic tool that is capable of accessing the EPB, the car was a tight fit on the lift:

Turns out, the chamfer on the pads caught me out, there's plenty of life left on them...

Whilst it was in the air, I had another look around underneath:

Looks like a couple of exhaust clamps will be required:

Got a closer look at the damage to front bumper:

Replacement bumper is definitely required, along with some trim pieces.

Removed the toolkit:

Then the spare wheel and cleaned it:

The boot speaker/wheel holder was dirty:

Here is all of the stuff removed from the boot well:

Key fob was looking worse for wear, so ordered a genuine 'repair kit':

Once the logbook came, I sorted the transfer of the registration:

The plates were already here:

The plates were showing their age so needed a swap anyway, here is the front:


Now after cleaning there were still very rough patches of plastic that felt sharp and were like something had sliced them... Another reason for the bumper to go:

Here's the new one fitted:

Here's the old rear plate:


Residue removed:


Plate fitted:

That's where I got up to before the weekend... Will continue the update when I get a chance.

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Here is the update from today's work:

Boot key hole was very dirty:

So cleaned it up:

Then lubricated the key blade and used it in the lock:

Decided to swap the fob case, disassembled the fob:

Key Rubber fitted:

Old vs new:

Removed the chip from the old casing:

Fitted the chip into the new casing along with the new key release spring, note, the smaller battery terminal is easy to bend (I did) and then the key doesn't work... It is easy to bend back:

All back together and looking much better:

When working on the boot, it struck me that there was no hook to hold the boot carpet up, which I found odd... When scrolling through eBay I found a listing for a carpet, one of the pictures shows a hook:

One of the things I found in the boot floor was that hook:

I will fit it tomorrow as I didn't find this out until not too long ago and had very much finished with the car for the day.

Went and got some folders and the like for the car history:

Put my purchase info here:

The previous owner info I had:

Took me a while to organise it all, create a new tracker etc.:

Time to change the rear bench, for this one:

handy latches for releasing:

Centre belt needs removing:

Here is a latch that you can press to release the belt:


and out:

Very dirty underneath:

All cleaned up:



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The full interior got a full clean, steam cleaning, every surface cleaned and protected, got a few snaps along the way, dirty sun visors:

Cleaned them up:

Headliner had pen on the sunroof shade:


Dirty glovebox:

Got the dent kit out, but was too hot for the glue to set:

Steamed the door hinges:

Same for the boot:

Some of the perforations had been blocked:

Cleaned out:

Next I went to bonnet, various points over greased:

steam again:


Dirty latch:

Cloth put down to catch dripping:

Dirty insulation:

Cleaned insulation:

Then used ozone generator:

Here are a couple of pictures of the bodywork:

Massive amount of work to be done there...

That brings the thread up-to-date with what has been done to the car, hoping to get some more work done to it tomorrow :detailer:

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Fitted the hook to the boot carpet, nice easy job:

I am deliberating painting it black...

Then moved onto a clean, got the clay out:

The carbon collective pad is very comfy to use:

Nice flake in the paint where it was wet:

Wanted to machine polish today, however the forecast was inaccurate and have had glorious sunshine all day so would be too hot to get decent results (for me)

Decided to fit the only part I had left for the car after my initial surge of purchases, the rear speaker...

Took the side pieces and various trims off:

Leaving it nice and stripped:

Then dropped my 10mm socket down the boot carpet trying to remove one of the bolts, had to go hunting:

Shelf ready to come out:

access to the speaker:

This may be why the old one was rattling so much!

Will likely re-glue the piece and retain it as spare...

Then tightened everything back up:

Only after checking the electric blind and the speaker worked!

Leaves me with some parts to procure, and many many aesthetics that need sorting... Will do the smaller pieces but by bit and then hopefully the biggest eye sore of the bumpers will be addressed in one short swoop

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With much better weather for it, I decided to crack on and machine the car this morning... Just wanted to get an acceptable finish, still have some swirls and defects. Had to pick my nephew up from school so time was of the essence...

Started on the rear quarter pictured earlier, here’s a large mark:

A soft 50:50 of the first pass of cutting on the rear quarter, a little more clarity on the left:

Under the light, decent amount of fleck:

Light across the 50:50 showing quite a swirly quarter:

Bootlid swirls:

The other rear quarter has had paintwork, as has the whole driver side at some point, decided to do a little flatting:

Again, was going for improvement over perfection, and even thinswas it close with timing:

First pass:


Light bit on upper door:

A good picture for showing the condition of the paintwork:

First pass:


Mark on the passenger wing:

Light sanding:

Much better:

Rear passenger door:

Light sanding:

Post polish (don’t understand why it rotated):

I did a light pass of finishing polish across the car, there was dust everywhere from the cutting stages so gave it a touchless wash:

Car looks decent:

Will see the true finish tomorrow run the sun is out:

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