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The car itself is very very good
The vegan leather isn't.
The notifications on the display are tiny
Don't like the lack of a proper clock
Spotify sometimes doesn't load as quickly as I would like.
The " UFO " reversing noise is bloody annoying is the limited No of fart noises.
The front end looks great, the arse is stunted.
The boot is big enough, the auto tailgate works great.
The acceleration is stupid, the brakes do their job.
(Love 1 pedal driving now..amazed how often I glide up to a junction/ lights etc and don't overshoot).
Steering precision is wonderful and feels really planted in the twisties.
The headlights are superb..not noticed power washers.
Paintwork looks great, even on a cloudy day.
It gets some decent looks...but also a lot of unwelcome attention from a certain breed of road users...
Oh...and it costs £4 a week..
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