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  1. General Discussion - X260
    Hi guys, Wrote this up in another thread but thought someone could find it useful. Does your XF have water in the reversing camera lens? I can help. Before you buy a second camera and try this, I'd suggest opening up your existing camera and baking it at 80C in an oven for 2 hours to see if...
  2. General Discussion
    After a considerate eastern European driver took the front off my 2010 XFS Portfolio (60mph in a 30!) ....its time for a replacement. Looking at a 2016/17 XFS and wanted some advice please on what extras to look out for. I know I'm going to miss my chilled seats and B&W sound system but...
  3. General Discussion - X260
    Fitted the new cameras (Thinkware F800 Pro) properly after having the old one plugged into the accessories socket in the boot. Switched live feed taken off PF13 (Cigarette lighter) in the passenger footwell fusebox. Permanent live feed taken off PF15 (Spare) in the same fuse box. To make sure...
  4. How To Guides
    Have a 2016 (X260) XF. Any tips on releasing the stop-pin(s) to get the glovebox door to fold all the way down?
1-4 of 4 Results