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  1. Electronics
    Hi All, I posted this on the Introduce yourself page.. then realised I should have posted it in a more relevant section. To expand in more detail and clarify here: I've got a 2012 XF 2.2D. It's my 4th Jag and Love it! it's brilliant. The only faults I had on it when I got it were rear wheel...
  2. Electronics
    Just bought myself a 2014 PL Sportbrake - previously had a 2013 and just loved it. But in the new one, on the way home from buying it, the satnav has suddenly forgotten where it is and is randomly showing me wandering across fields etc near a town several miles away. One minute it was on track...
  3. General Discussion
    Well just completed my first long journey in my new XF-S Port and it was fab. I was a little nervous to begin with (the increased power over my previous XF 3.D P/L, and the ride quality) but this was totally unfounded. My only gripe, and I am hopeful it is me that is the fault, was with the...
1-3 of 3 Results