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restricted performance
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  1. Bugs, faults and irritations
    Hello community, I need some help for my mechanic and me and my little XF 3.0 dS Sportbrake MY2013. RP appeared last week for the first time. Fault -> airflow sensor A. I don't know the exact code. Fault code cleared to see if it was just a fault by chance. 2 days later it appeared again. I had...
  2. Bugs, faults and irritations
    Hello all Im here for some much needed help. I have a 2012 Jaguar XF-S 3ltr Diesel. Ive had it for 2 years and services every 6 months whether it needs it or not. A week ago, i stripped the XFS bumper and replaced it with a XFR-S bumper; 7 days in my car keeps going into restricted performance...
  3. General Discussion
    Hi all, been a long time lurker on here but unfortunately my first post is a bit of a hello ....can anyone advise/help? My pride and joy is a 2009 xf 3.0d I'm on holiday in France with family and have had the restricted performance error come on. Car was driving fine and the error was thrown...
1-3 of 3 Results