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  1. Electronics
    Hi, first message, please be gentle :) I'm not a car expert, but I have a technical background. I'm trying to learn about a 2008 XF Premium Luxury (RHD, UK), which I have recently bought privately. It tested fine, no warning lights etc. There was a problem with auto-locking the right two doors...
  2. General Discussion
    Hi I bought an iCarsoft code reader a while back and initially had an array of fault codes when I scanned my car - too many to deal with. I cleared them all down and now I've rescanned it after a month or more to see what has returned. My car is a 2014 3.0DS Sportbrake Portfolio. There are...
  3. Electronics
    hi guys- I was driving my 09 xf 3.0td the other day- when the red battery symbol came up on the display. I pulled up and the car began to struggle to idle - (understandable if it has a low battery..) - it then died so I bought a new battery and it started up again - still ran lumpy but I'm...
  4. General Discussion
    So, discovered today that one door is not locking by remote or by internal button on dash :( Before i replace the lock motor, long shot i know, but is there a separate fuse or something for each door that i should check first? Car in question is a 2010 XF 4 door luxury
1-4 of 4 Results