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  1. Engines and Transmission
    Can anyone tell me where the engine number is on a 3.0 V6 diesel engine (2015) please? I have a replacement (bare block+ some ancillaries) and my mechanic is unable to find it!!!!!!! Thanks
  2. Engines and Transmission
    Can anyone confirm the differences between the 500Nm (241PS) and 600Nm (275PS) Engines? I'm swapping the engine on my XFS (yes the saga continues) and have been supplied an engine out of a 500Nm car (I was clear it was for an XFS). Is the extra power generated by the twin turbos or are there...
  3. Engines and Transmission
    I'm looking to swap a 3.0 V6 S engine (not me personally!). Does anyone have access to AutoData to confirm the number of hours work please. I'm waiting on my mechanic to come back and advise but would like some insight/ be ready to make a decision. It will be a bare block with rocker...
  4. General Discussion
    Says it all :-( Looking for a replacement motor for a 2010 XFS....... or indication of suppliers to contact/ recommendations. Pref a full motor Thank you
  5. Engines and Transmission
    So there's quite a bit around about 2.2 XF engines lagging. I am aware someone had theirs remapped and that sorted it for four months, then it lagged again. Apparently it's to do with the DPF filter (of course!) and the fact that it always wants to perform a regen too regularly. Jaguar are...
  6. Engines and Transmission
    I bought one of these many years ago on my Navara, really easy to fit but cant remember what difference it made :/ has anyone tried one & if so what have you noticed in differences...
1-6 of 6 Results