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  1. Electronics
    Remember to unlock the car......... Sounds obvious but not for the reason most people would expect. I was changing the battery and left the doors locked knowing that once the new battery was fitted the doors would unlock (never had an issue with a battery disconnect). However, what I didn't...
  2. Electronics
    Hi everyone, my 62 plate 2.2 Prem Lux Jag XF has just started doing a double beep when unlocking the door. It doesn't matter if you use the key fob or keyless entry method, it emits two beeps. No warning up and everything is locked and closed normally. We often leave the dog in the car for a few...
  3. Bugs, faults and irritations
    Hi! What should I do. Could this kind of alarm problem can be caused of low level battery? Car has been at the same place - no movement at all. And: Is this sensor (if needed) difficult & expensive to change? How avoid (for now) this kind of stupid alarms? How about if choosing from panel -...
1-3 of 4 Results