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  1. Engines and Transmission
    Hi All Does anyone know how the lubrication is done during first several seconds of startup in 3.0D engines? Specially now that I don’t drive it that often, when I start the car for the first time after a day, there is a bad noise form top of engine for 10 seconds and then it softens. I guess...
  2. Electronics
    Hi All, The car is a XF S portfolio 2012, 3.0D and 8 Speed auto. I could manage to install v157 SDD and connected to car yesterday. The car had a flat battery due to to sitting in garage for a long time. After many attempts of jump start, I bought a charger and charged the battery. but airbag...
  3. How To Guides
    Tools needed; T20 bit 10mm socket 13mm socket 32mm Deep socket Parts needed; approximately 6.5L of 5w30 with this spec: FORD: M2C934-B I use this; Oil filter sump plug pollen filter air filter fuel filter If...
1-3 of 3 Results