: Scam artists are going round in circles it seems

23rd August 2013, 17:09
I periodically check my spam mail now and again to make sure that nothing is getting diverted that shouldn't be. Found this, this evening. Made me grin, as this is a good few years old now, and seems that our good ole friends in Nigeria are having to re-invent the wheel to scam us.

"From the desk of: Dr.Bisi Onasaya Operation Manager First Bank Plc. EMAIL: bisionasaya@yahoo.com Telephone : 234 702611 8313 US$9,7 MILLION INVESTMENT PROPOSAL Dear, Confidential Business Proposal!! I am Dr. Fred Duke, the senior Auditor In charge of Foreign Remittance Unit, First Bank Nigeria Plc.. I have a business which will benefit both of us, The amount of money involved is ($15.5 Million Dollars) which i want to transfer from an abandoned account to your bank account; it is 100% risk free. After the end of the business, We shall agree that { 40% } Forty Percent will be for you in respect of all your assistance for this transaction and { 60% } Sixty- Percent will be for me being the pioneer of the business. I will like you to provide immediately the below information's, to enable me use it and get you next of kin application form from my bank. 1.Full Name:...................... 2.Full Address:................... 3.Telephone Number:............... 4.Country:........................ 5.Occupation:..................... 6.Age:............................ 7.Sex:............................ As soon as you reply, I will let you know the next steps and procedures and more details to follow in order to finalize this transaction immediately. Yours Sincerely, Dr.Bisi Onasaya"

Best one I had read was the Nigerian astro/cosmonaut who was stuck up in space with 7 years pay.

Anyone got that one?

24th August 2013, 08:46
Got another one. Made me chuckle. Maybe some of the Darwin award potential nominees, from another thread will go for it.


You have won the 2013 Coca cola In’t Lottery Promotion, winning amount US$1.5Million, to claim kindly email the below information to our Claim Agent Mr. Vu Sunchai:

*Your Full Name
*Your Full Address
*Your Direct Mobile Number
*Your Winning Code # (GLO-892-K70-0) to

Mr. Vu Sunchai (Asian region office)
Coca cola In’t Lottery Department
Tel: +66 873317491
Email: mrvu0200@yahoo.co.jp

Perfect Curve
24th August 2013, 09:10
Here's what started an 'overpayment' scam.....

Hello Sales,

We are manchester based trading company and We will like to order from you the below products, Please make a quote.

42 NOS of Led light - SL003

This is an urgent request from one of our esteemed customers

Kindly please confirm availability price and any possible discount.

Waiting for your prompt reply.


Allen Barry.





TEL: 01612052422.

Mr Allen, (a 419 scammer) paid (sic) our pro-forma invoice but unfortunately overpays by £1000!!
By using a stolen cheque paid in over the bank counter it is possible to convince your mark that an invoice has been paid as it takes the banking system a few days to identify the transaction as fraudulent after which the bank 'credit' is snatched back leaving you unpaid and, if Mr Allen had his way, an extra £1000 refund out of pocket.

Be warned, these scams exist as there seems to be a never ending supply of victims.

24th August 2013, 20:02
My Uncle had a great saying.

"You only get f***ed if you're f***able"

24th August 2013, 20:11
My Uncle had a great saying.

"You only get f***ed if you're f***able"

or as I believe - you can only scam a greedy person..

25th August 2013, 06:54
or as I believe - you can only scam a greedy person..

I guess I'm in the same place. Many scams only work because people are greedy or very careless with their information. I think generally people who get caught out try to make a quick buck and end up losing one! Generally not a lot of sympathy from here.

28th August 2013, 14:06
Got another one through the spam mail. Doesn't even give the deceased's name, and why me? Says Ghana, but I think we all know who is really doing these.

Good day,

I am Dr. Famous Kwesi,trained and working as an Account Officer with the International Commercial Bank of Ghana (ICB). I write to contact you about a foreigner who came from the same country as yours, who died here in Ghana over a decades ago leaving behind an estate/capital of US$12.8M here in International Commercial Bank of Ghana. However, the Investor died with no next-of-kin, nobody came forward all these years to lay claim of this inheritance.

I have decided to work with you to secure the funds and propose 30% offer for you. If you are interested, you are advised to email me through my private email (dr.famouskofi@rocketmail.com) the following information stated below:-


Upon hearing from you, I will unfold more details and how to commence with the transaction.

Best regards,
Dr. Famous Kwesi

The names the Nigerians come up with - just look at the president - Goodluck Jonathon.

28th August 2013, 14:08
Good Grief - this one is worse. They can't even spell Thailand further into all the speil.



If you are the correct owner of this email address,Be glad this day as the result of the UK-Thaland lottery Online E-mail Winning draws and sweepstakes held in BANGKOK-THAILAND on the 29th of July 2013 has just been released and we are glad to announce to you that your e-mail address has won you the lottery in the first category and you are entitled to claim the sum of US$4.1M.

Your email address was entered for the online draw on Lucky #:GHDJ487304JDGD9W.

You are to contact Mr. Thomas Hua on the below email address for quick delivery of your won cheque of US$4.1M. All winners cheque are certified cashiers and are cashable in any country of any part of the world. To enable the us ascertain you as the rightful receiver of the cheque, include the below listed information in your contact mail.

Your country, complete official names, contact telephone, mobile and fax numbers, amount won, sex, age, occupation and job title, address where your wish to receive your winnings cheque, lucky number, date and venue of draw.

E-mail Address: uklottowinnings0@yahoo.co.jp
Contact Agent: Mr. Thomas Hua
Telephone Number: +447045751197

Yours Truly,

28th August 2013, 14:11
And another one. Really, who falls for these in this day and age?


Did you authorize one Mrs. Ann Kerr, to meet us as your representatives, with documents of claim purported to have been signed by you for the released of your payment has been approved for Payment by the paying Bank waiting for final endorsement/clarification.

Reconfirm back to us to avoid any irregularities, as your fund is now due to be transferred to Mrs. Anna Kerr whose information has been withheld until final authorization by you. The Auditor General of the bank and the international monitoring fund (IMF) has given us a mandate to pay all local/foreigners there outstanding payment. I wish to inform you that your payment is being processed and will be release to you as soon as we hear from you.

We hereby officially notify you about the present arrangement to pay Mrs. Ann Kerr your over due contract/Prize/inheritance fund. The World Bank has been notified about this payment arrangement as to enable all beneficiaries to receive their fund without any interference.

Do re-confirm the below Bank Details

Bank: Citibank N.A.
City/Country: New York - U.S.A.
CHIPS ABA : 0008
FED ABA : 021000080
Name Account: Ann Kerr.
Account #: 36240424

This fund will be transfer to this account within 72 hours and we advice you get back to us for confirmation

Yours truly,
Michael August.
IMF Secretary.

21st November 2013, 18:05
I've just had a good one

Tel: + 27-737458311
E-mail: dr.jamescross8882@yahoo.com.my

Dear Sir/Madam,


With due honor and respect, I introduce myself to you for a better relationship. I am Dr James Cross, CHIEF AUDITOR of FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF SOUTH AFRICA (F.N.B). Your contact is courtesy of Business online network via Internet as I decided to contact you for this beneficial transaction that is (100%) risk free.

During auditing, verifications/investigations in our bank at the end of last fiscal (financial) year, I discovered the sum of (US$11.5M} ELEVEN MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS) in a dormant account belonging to MR EDDY LUNG, a Spanish International businessman who died along with his family in the November 5th, 2008 plane crash in Abidjan west Africa. Our investigations revealed no survival or NEXT OF KIN/RELATIONS for claims as we have long been expecting someone to forward applications for claims as it applies to our banking regulations. Information / verifications from reliable sources confirmed that his supposed “NEXT OF KINS” died with him in the crash. Hence this for your perusals.

However, I kept this information (SECRET) confidential within my jurisdiction to enable us submit claims and transfer this fund through trustworthy person whom we shall present to our bank as the BONAFIDE “NEXT OF KIN” to the deceased. I intend to credit this fund into any of your nominated (designated) offshore bank account for investments. Meanwhile, all domestic arrangements for claims have been put in place awaiting your acceptance to participate. I will give you directives and all needed information as soon as I receive your positive response.

Kindly understand that I could not carry out this on my own as based on the simple facts that I’m a civil servant and restricted from operating foreign account and too, it will raise eyebrows on our side in terms of transfer being staff of the bank. Moreover, this fund belongs to a foreigner and demands same as next of kin to claim it. I have resolved to offer you (20%) of the total sum as commission; we will invest (75%) of our share in your country provided it is profit oriented. (5%) of the total fund will be set aside to re-reimburse all expenses to be incurred in the course of running this transaction such as telephone and other minor expenses. I am assuring you of a smooth and successful transaction provided you display maturity and observe confidentiality.

And it will interest you to know that the Reserve Bank (Apex) will approve credit of this fund into your account as contract payment to abstain you from all queries regarding the source (originality) of this fund and will provide you (beneficiary) with contractual (data) details to certify your bank or government if the need arises. Therefore, be kind to clarify the following for my consideration:

1. can your account accommodate this fund in your local bank without government intervention or do you have an account outside your country where you may consider safe for this fund?

2. What is taxation in your country like as I desire a low/free tax zone?

3. What are the interest rates on long/short term fixed deposit in your local banks?

4. What other lucrative investments would you suggest as I intend banking, real estate and hotels if they are good business venture in your Country?

5. Can you be able to make residential documents and purchase a house for me and my family to relocate and settle in your country after the transaction?

Kindly indicate your private Telephone and Fax number for more efficient communication, Your Age, Occupation and call me first before you send any email.
Looking forward to your anticipated urgent response.

Best regards,

Dr. James Cross

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21st November 2013, 18:35
Does anyone living in Nigeria ever claim the lottery jackpot?:rolleyes:

21st November 2013, 18:40
Does anyone living in Nigeria ever claim the lottery jackpot?:rolleyes:

That's why they're all poor.

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21st November 2013, 19:14
That's why they're all poor.

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It's a shame really. I've worked out there a few times now, and the poverty can be a real shock to the uninitiated.

Nigeria is the (was) 8th largest producer of oil in the world. I'm not sure where the UK is, probably down from that.

We have a fairly good infrastructure - as much as we moan about it.
They have infrastructure left over from colonial days. From what I've seen, there is very little investment.

We have the NHS.
They have the NHS - by coming to visit us, and then staying.

We have good education facilities
They have next to nothing. Again - lack of investment.

We hold our politicians to account, if they are found out being naughty.
Their politicians just take all of the money that should have been used for the country's investment - and use it line thier own pockets, and pay off investigators.

This is why the majority of Nigerians are poor.

Oh, and one on attitude (personel observation)

We work for what we want.
They believe that they are entitled to what we have. They want what we have, but are not that willing to put the effort in, to achieve their goals.