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  1. Facebook Cover Photos - Please vote
  2. How old were you when you got your Jaguar XF?
  3. Caliper Colour
  4. What is the furthest mileage you have travelled in your XF
  5. 2.2D Long Term Average Fuel Consumption
  6. Classic 3.0D Long Term Average Fuel Consumption
  7. FACELIFT 3.0D Long Term Average Fuel Consumption
  8. Favourite sandwich filling?
  9. Do we need a new poll?
  10. The Codfather conundrum
  11. poll of best OEM modification to the XF
  12. Face lift 'J' Blade DRL's do you like them or not.....
  13. What do you own classic or facelift Jaguar XF?
  14. What's your favourite XF colour? (Part 1. A - F)
  15. What's your favourite XF colour? (Part 2. G - Z)
  16. Rear number plate size/shape?
  17. Forum Sticker?
  18. Number Plates
  19. Tax disc holder
  20. Have you modified your Jaguar XF ?
  21. Do you give your car a name?
  22. Which XF do you drive?
  23. Which Engine Is in Your XF?
  24. Which Diesel XF do you drive?
  25. Which Petrol XF Do You Drive
  26. Mini heat wave - how high did you get
  27. PuntoPost
  28. What's the longest time you've owned a car?
  29. Current / recent discounts on a new XFR
  30. How many points?
  31. What's your age?
  32. Front Bumpers???
  33. Chrome tail-light surrounds. Yes or No?
  34. Chrome fender side vents. Yes or No?
  35. Sportbrake Number Plate size
  36. XFR-S Colour
  37. Jaguar XE Opinion Poll
  38. Bring back Clarkson official poll Yes/no
  39. How many members have B&W Speakers but not the B&W System?
  40. Cats or Dogs?
  41. Cats or Dogs??
  42. BREXIT - In/Out/Undecided
  43. Should we have poll so the other poll doesn't show up?
  44. Common Issues and Fault, related to the pre face lift 2009,10,11 XFR & XF 5L NA
  45. Jaguar Sportbtake v Saloon
  46. Who has a Jag?